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Title: Cruising For Dick

I just recently joined this site,roamed around it and read a lot of the stories here and in the other sites and Iv noticed that Iv been doing something that seems to be a novelty. For about two and half years now Iv been dressing in public on a limited bacis. My work allowes me to travel a lot. And I stay in a lot of different hotels all over the country. Im single so I have a lot of freedom to stay away as long as I want to. I allways look for hotels with a lounge in them. I have a suitcase for my lady clothes so when I get the notion to go and have some fun I have everthing I need right there with me. I have found over a period of time that there is a lot of horny men in the lounges at night. So if Im in the mood to cruise for some dick, I can be ready in a short period of time. Let me describe myself, Im 47,bisexual,cauc,5'10",#150 slim build with fem. body. I have a pale pink sequin dress that I call the hook (Iv been fucked a lot in this dress) I have a pair of curves to give me a 34c chest, nice shoes,panties,bras the works. It is not hard to find a willing male in this setting. Traveling poeple mostly, their alone away from home the wife so its easy to meet these men. Most of the time they come over to meet me first. Their horny and want some quick action and the pickens in these places are pretty slim, and they will do a lot of compromising in this position. I have found its a lot of fun to pick these men up its like a surprise every time. White men black men mostly I dont know how well endowed they are till I get them in the room. Its also interesting to see how different they are and how they fuck, some are rough,some are very gentle, but they are all fun. I was in Enid,Ok. about a year ago and I was going to be there for two days and I was feeling randy so I thought I would go out to the lounge tonight and see what I could find. When I got there , their was no one in there except the bartender, she was a nice looking redhead. So I walked over to the bar and slid up on to a bar stool, she came over and said good evening, what can I get for you? I have a CC7 tall. She brought me the drink and went about her buisness. I was for about 15mins and she came over and I spoke and asked its kind of slow in here tonight isint it? Its like this most of the time anyway. Thats a lovelydress you have on, it looks good on you. I said it feels good too. Then she asked how did I get such nice breast, their perfect. I looked at her puzzled. I know,a female can always tell. I dont see many men in here dressed as a female. But you should have a litle fun before the night is over with, Ill see if I can help you out, I know a few poeple that are regulars in here. As the night went on she and I became good friends and she asked a lot of questions about the men Iv met and how I like being a female. After about three drinks I was getting tippsy, we were laughing and giggeling about girl stuff,sex and sucking men off and swallowing,we found we both were swallowers. Then I was about to go back the room three men cam into the bar and sat at the other end of the bar, they ordered their drinks and were making a lot of noise. Susan the bartender came back over to me and we kept on talking,I asked do you know these guys? No but Id like to. As we were eyeing them they spotted us looking and the game was on.One of the guys came over to me and asked would you girls like some company? I looked at Susan and she winked and said sure come on over. So they moved on both sides of me. They introduced themselfes as Dan,Mike,and Tony. This is Susan and Im Dena. Mike took an instant liking to me and the other two went towards Susan. It felt so good as mike rubbed his hand up and down my back and as he playfully rested it on my thigh. As the night went on he asked where I was from and what I was doing town the usual type of conversation and it moved over to the sexual topic. As we spoke on I noticed Mike was getting closer and closer. He complemented me on how sexy i looked and how excited it made him. I just smiled, and told him I felt the same way about him to. He leaned in close and kissed my neck and wispered in my ear, my dicks so hard I want to slid it into you and ride you all night. All night! I replied. I then laid my hand on his lap and he was right, a long thick extremly hard piece of manhood was bulging in his pants. I squezzed it firmly and looked at him with a good, ok you can fuck me look. With that I reached into my purse and slid a card over to him and on the back it said Im a transvestite if your still interested Im in 205#, I looked at Susan and she was having a ball with Dan and Tony. I told he r that I was leaving and said goodby to her and Dan and Tony. She looked at me with a good luck smile and said ok see you later. Remember details details. I just smiled and slid off of the barstool turned to look at Mike and he had a blank expression on his face and said good by to. With that I walked out to my room. I didnt think he was going to come up there but I did heat him up real good, so I had hopes, I went into the bathroom to freshen up and about ten minuites later there was a knock at the door. I opened it and sure enough it was Mike. Come on in I said and its nice to see you here. He seemed apprehencive. I said Mike just relax Ill take care of everthing. He went over and sat in the chair and I went to turn off the lights. Why are you turning the lights off? In some cases its better in the dark Isaid. The light was very dim in the room and I went over to him and knelt in front of him and put my hands around his neck and kissed him in the ear and on his neck and could easly tell he was warming up to this. I opened his shirt to a nice hairy defined chest. I lowered myself to his nippels and sucked them softly, while my hands were working on his belt and pants. He kicked off his shoes and I slid his pants down and took them off and then his boxers. And there before me was a magnificantly hard thick nine and one half inches of girl pleasing cock with a large head on it. It was easly two inches thick. Im going to need a lot of lube for this. He had a good handful of balls about the size of ping pong balls. In my exreriance most men Iv ran into arnt this well hung, Iv heard a lot of bullshit but nothing like this. I had to muster all of my oral talant to suck on him. I opened my mouth and slid him into my mouth amd to the back of my throut and sucked on hard. God what a mouthful of man I thought. My heart was fleeting I was apprencive about a man this big in me. It didnt take him long to come to full hardness and we moved to the bed. I excused myself and went to the bathroom and I squezzed a lot of KY inside of my bottom. Iwas going to need it. I came back to him and put some on him and jacked his dick and marveled at its thickness texture and weight. Damd this was a big man. I was going to be a woman by morning for sure. We kissed and fondled for a bit and then he rolled me over onto my back and got between my legs. I spread them wide to give good access to me. I reached down and gided him to my hot malepussy and prepaired to be opened up to the max. I felt him touch me and I pushed out to take him. He pushed just inside of me and stoped. As my ass sized to him I relaxed and he fell right through me right down to his nuts. I didnt show it but Iwas paniced, Icant describe how deep he was in me and how big my poor little hole was streached. Then we both let out with a low long sigh. I looked up at him and asked what do you think so far? He was giddy, and said that he has never been in anything so tight and it felt so much different. I locked my anklesaround him and started to move as did he, long strokes. Mike would pull out and it was like and arm was being pulled out of me. And then he would push his way back into me and fill me up again. I was taken by all of the sensations his weight his hard body his hairy thighs on the inside of mine. Feeling his big manly nuts pat onthe ass. It was then I realized I had no more control over this. I was just into fucking him receiving him into the depths of my body. Wishing I was a female to be empregnated by him to bare his offspring. God where is this coming from. Iv never felt like this before. This went on and on Mike keeped pumping his cock into me, with so much power he was pushing me all over the bed with every thrust. He would hold me tight and just flex his hips to get his back into me. God he was a good lover. And then I heard him say Oh Dena Im going to give you a child tonight. I looked back up at him tenderly, Give it to me, fill me with your seed make sure we mate. Come on Baby cum in me I want it. And with that he held on to me so tight I almost couldnt breath and his strokes quickened his cock swelled he flexed and slamded his cock hard into me and frose. And then it came his powerful thrust, His hot spearm hitting deep inside of me shot after shot, god I didnt want this to stop. I could feel my insides quiver and was slick from his spearm. He laid on top of me quiet,exausted and I was pumping his cock in my ass milking him to make sure I got it all in me. Mike went to sleep for a few hours, i got up and went to the bathroom, I was leaking spearm and lube all over the place. I sat on the toilet and unbelivable amount of seman ran out of me. I got into the shower and ran it hot. When I got it out and dried off Iwent out into the room I looked at the bed, and Mike was gone. He had dressed and left. On the TV was a short note,.....Dena..I have had a wonderful time making love to you. I say making love because thats what it was to me. I will probably never see you again..Mike Iwas so heartbroken. I cried myself to sleep. I got up in the morning and went to my appointments and went back to the hotel. I took a shower and got dressed went to dinner and went to the bar just to see if he was there. I sat up at the bar and susan was there. Good evening what can I get you. CC7 tall. She looked at me startled, and went to fix the drink. Didnt you have this last night. I smiled and said yes that I had. You look so different in those clothes. I had regular street clothes on. I just smiled. and she goes so how did it go last night. Did you get lucky? You first I said. Oh yea I got so lucky I hit the fucking jackpot. I went up to their room and had my first threesome. We got in every position and I got fucked so many different ways I forgot most of them. I didnt leave till six this morning. Iv never been fucked for four hours stright and I mean nonstop. My poor pussy is so sore, but its a good kind of sore. So what about you. I told if I ever wanted to fall in love with a guy and settle down for the rest of my life Mike would be the one. I told her of all the lurid details. And she asked me if I was going to see more of him,and I told her I have noway of getting a hold of him. he just left me this. A I showed her the note he left. She read it and she said I sorry honey. I know how it feels, you will get over it though. This is sometimes what its like to be a girl. With that I told Susangood by and I might see her later. And now I from time to time think of Mike and slways on the lookout for him.

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